kenyan gujarati designer living and working in los angeles.

‎ahmedabad, 198?


a more concise portfolio of commissioned work can be found here.

“designing is a complex and intricate task. it is integration of technological, social and economic requirements, biological necessities, and the psychophysical effects of materials, shape, color, volume, and space: thinking in relationships. the designer must see the periphery as well as the core, the immediate and the ultimate, at least in the biological sense. one cannot simply lift out any subject matter from the complexity of life and try to handle it as an independent unit. there is design in organization of emotional experiences, in family life, in labor relations, in city planning, in working together as civilized human beings. ultimately all problems of design merge into one great problem: ‘design for life’. in a healthy society this design for life will encourage every profession and vocation to play its part since the degree of relatedness in all their work gives to any civilization its quality. this implies that it is desirable that everyone should solve his special task with the wide scope of a true ‘designer’ with the new urge to integrated relationships. it further implies that there is no hierarchy of the arts, painting photography, music, poetry, sculpture, architecture, nor of any other fields such as industrial design. they are equally valid departures toward the fusion of function and content in ‘design.’” lászló moholy-nagy, vision in motion, 1947
“monsters exist, but they are too few in number to be truly dangerous; more dangerous are the common men, the functionaries ready to believe and to act without asking questions.” primo levi, if this is a man, 1947


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